Three women in a sunflower garden wearing summer travel outfits

This year, it’s time to level up your wardrobe for the summer. The sun is out and shining, and with these summer travel outfits, you will be too! 

Whether you’re planning adventures in the mountains, by the beach, or in the city, Buy Outlet’s diverse collection has all the summer travel essentials you need from top brands. We know you want to save up for all your planned adventures, so we offer the best deals on the market plus free shipping. Brighten up your day with these fun summer styles!

Let Your Wardrobe Blossom

While a t-shirt and shorts are a tried-and-true classic summer outfit, this year we challenge you to embrace the season with some fresh styles. Let these summer travel outfits inspire you to try something new and step outside of your comfort zone.

Beachy Keen Fashion

First and foremost, we have to talk about what to wear at the beach. Tropical getaways are an extremely popular summertime adventure, and they’re a great opportunity to show off your seasonal style. Think sundresses and rompers from trending brands like Free People and Material Girl. Dresses and rompers immediately look beautiful, despite requiring minimal effort to style. Accessorize with cute sandals, a floppy hat, and some jewelry and you’ll look like a trendsetter on the beach. Plus, sundresses and rompers easily double as swimwear cover-ups.

Woman in a sundress, a summer travel outfit.

Other summer travel outfits perfect for the beach include shorts and skirts paired with either swimwear tops or blouses. A neutral-colored, fitted t-shirt and tank top are important summer travel essentials for layering. For example, a white tank top is the ideal companion to a vibrant, floral skirt. Throw on a light jacket on top for cooler evening temperatures, and you have a complete look. Right now, we’re loving the skirt collection from INC International Concepts, Vince Camuto, and Calvin Klein for their brightly colored fabrics and tropical patterns.

Turn Up the Heat

While daytime and evening looks are important, you’ll also need summer travel outfits to sleep in. For a romantic escape, raise the temperature inside the hotel room to match the summer’s warmth. Explore designer lingerie and sleek robes to make your vacation extra romantic. Moreover, level up your bra and bralette game with lacy luxury styles. It may be humid outside, but your summer wardrobe should make it steamy indoors too.

Woman in unbuttoned blouse with her bralette showing.

Jetset and Trendset

An often overlooked aspect of summer travel essentials, if you have several adventures planned from June through September, chances are you’ll be spending lots of time in the airport. While so many of us have our go-to summer travel outfits – often with comfort as the main priority – it can be fun to dress as though you’ll have the airport meet-cute of your dreams. With designer outfits, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. Leave your old, frayed hoodie at home and invest in a stylish designer hoodie that combines upscale fashion and coziness. With the higher quality fabrics, these hoodies will maintain their ultra-soft feel, keeping you comfortable throughout your travels. 

Woman wearing summer travel essentials at the airport.

Accompanied by premium leggings from popular brands like ID Ideology and DKNY, you’ll have a cohesive, flattering look while you prepare to board. Additionally, designer activewear is perfect for summer travel outfits needed for hikes and other outdoor adventures. Made with breathable fabrics that wick away sweat, you’ll feel fresh for longer. Designer sports bras are also more supportive and worth packing in your summer suitcase. We recommend checking out the Nike or Champion collections to stock up on these summer travel essentials.

Memorable Outfits, More Savings

Women saying cheers holding bottles in summer travel outfits.

Find the perfect designer clothes for your sun-kissed skin at Buy Outlet. It’s our mission to make high-end fashion accessible for everyone. Summer is the season to spend more time outdoors, finally far away from the dark days of winter. These summer travel outfits will bring out your inner sunshine, so you better tell your friends to stock up on their sunscreen.

We know summers can get expensive, and between all the traveling and socializing, maintaining a healthy budget is key. At Buy Outlet, you can shop all your favorite brands at low prices, which means more looks for you for less strain on your wallet. For even more discounts, sign up for our rewards program to earn points on every order. Upgrade your style today!