Three women wearing resort fashion white cover-ups

Whether you live in a tropical climate or just booked a beach vacation, these beach outfit ideas will make you shine. Resort fashion is fun, flirty, and fresh! Step out of your usual wardrobe and get inspired by our beachwear style guide. Plus, at our clothing outlet, you don’t have to shell out tons of money for designer beach outfits. Our collection features the top brands at a lower price so that our customers can be happy as a clam!

Look Your Best at the Beach

One of the best parts of a vacation is stepping outside of your normal routine. Just as your schedule and location change, so should your wardrobe! Leave your usual clothes at home and embrace these beach outfit ideas on your trip to the tropics.

Upgrade Your Swimwear With Cover-Ups

Resort fashion is more than just a few cute swimsuits. Get creative with your cover-ups to earn some extra style points while enjoying the beach. There are a variety of trendy cover-ups that’ll look great over your bathing suits. The quintessential option is wearing a cute sundress over your swimwear, and it’s quintessential for a reason. This look is timeless! Brands like Free People and O’Neill have great sundress options. For a more modern take on this classic, choose a fun romper instead. Tommy Hilfiger and GUESS feature trendy beach-worthy rompers.

Woman in sundress at the beach

Other beach outfit ideas take a different approach to the cover-up. For a flirtier, spunky look, consider an oversized women’s designer blouse or button-down. These will show off your legs much more so than a dress or romper will while still leaving something to the imagination. Have fun with how many buttons you choose to leave unbuttoned and play around with letting one side hang off your shoulder. For comfier designer beach outfits, look into luxurious robes to tie around your swimwear.

Get Fancy for Dinners on the Beach

While bathing suits and cover-ups will likely be your daily uniform on vacation, you’ll need stylish beach outfit ideas for when the sun goes down too. Designer dresses and skirts are the most common dinnertime resort fashion with florals and bright colors being best for a tropical destination. Dresses are easiest to style—all you’ll need is a cute pair of sandals, a light jacket, and some jewelry to complete the look. 

Women wearing designer beach outfits at dinner.

Skirts welcome a bit more creativity. Depending on where you’re going to dinner, you can switch up your top to match the vibe. At an upscale restaurant, you may want to tuck in a fitted T-shirt that complements the pattern or color of your skirt. If you’re grabbing drinks at a tiki bar right on the water, beach outfit ideas get to be more fun. You can get away with wearing your skirt with just your swimsuit top. This sexy look will fit right in among the locals, and you’ll get to embrace resort fashion all the way.

Go for a Stroll in Style

A woman stretching in a romper on the beach

On days you just want to feel your toes in the sand without getting in the water, women’s designer shorts and capris make cute beach outfits. Just like with skirts, you can either pair your bottoms with a trendy top or just wear your bikini top. Remember, you’re at the beach—you can dress like it! Dresses, rompers, and skirts are pretty day or night—it’s whatever you feel most comfortable in while walking around!

Relax at the Resort

A woman in a black robe on a bed

While it’s important to look stylish out and about on vacation, you’ll spend a substantial amount of time lounging around your hotel. Packing especially comfortable and chic pajamas and robes will help you turn on vacation mode. If you’re sharing a room with friends, consider getting matching sets for extra bonding on your girls’ trip. For a romantic getaway, buy some designer lingerie to bring on the charm.

Shop Designer Beach Outfits for Less

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