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Spring is on its way, and according to our favorite groundhog Phil, it’ll be here sooner than expected! It’s time to start thinking about cute spring outfits worthy of being the talk of the town. While shopping for new clothes every season can get expensive, building a capsule wardrobe and shopping smart deals at Buy Outlet can help lower the costs without sacrificing any fashion.

A women’s capsule wardrobe is a collection of pieces that can be mixed and matched to create more outfits than items in the wardrobe. Oftentimes, this means a certain number of tops, bottoms, and accessories that pair well in combination. For a seasonal capsule wardrobe, you won’t need as many pieces. Plus, some capsule wardrobe necessities—like a plain white or black women’s T-shirt—are smart choices for any season. 

Read on for inspiration for cute spring outfits and more tips on how to create the perfect spring capsule wardrobe.

Sweaters Are Still In Style

 Woman in cute spring outfit featuring white sweater and yellow skirt

While winter is often the season most associated with sweaters, they are still absolutely in style in the spring! When it’s too cold out, sweaters are a necessity to keep warm and are covered under layers of jackets and coats. In the springtime, as the weather begins to warm, you can let your sweaters breathe without needing extra layers on top.

Rather than the sweater and pants combination that is classic to winter styles, you can pair your springtime sweaters with skirts too. This easy cute spring outfit brings about effortless style, and you’ll look great among the blooming flowers.

Pay close attention to the materials of the sweaters you buy for the springtime. Higher-end fabrics like wool and cotton will be more breathable than synthetic materials. With finicky spring weather switching from warm to cool based on the time of day, wool sweaters are ideal because this unique material adjusts to your body temperature. 

Don’t worry about higher-end materials breaking your budget. At Buy Outlet, we make women’s designer sweaters affordable with both current and timeless trends at a discounted price. Plus, if you choose colors and styles for cute spring outfits that complement other pieces in your closet, you can save money by creating a spring capsule wardrobe.

Have Fun With Jeans

 Close-up of jeans with flowers in the pocket

Women’s jeans in the winter are a lot less fun than spring-worthy jeans. With temperatures rising, you don’t have to worry about being too cold outside. Instead, you can wear wide-leg jeans that allow air to flow or jeans with rips and cutouts. Flare jeans are also trending this upcoming season and pair well with platform sandals.

With spring comes the rush of pastels and lighter shades that complement the brightening scenery around you. Darker jeans belong in the darker days of winter and not in your cute spring outfits! Instead, choose more vibrant jeans, whether that’s lighter shades of blue or colored denim such as whites and pastels. When planning out a spring capsule wardrobe, be sure the jeans you pick out will match well with any of the shirts and accessories in your closet.

Bring Out the Midi and Maxi Dresses

 Women in cute spring outfits wearing dresses

Spring brings about the return of flowers, growing grass, blue skies, warm weather, and most importantly, flowy sundresses! Midi and maxi women’s dresses are particularly great options for the spring. These stylish pieces provide a bit more coverage against a chilly breeze than a shorter dress would, but still are breathable and flowy cute spring outfits for warmer days.

Depending on how big of a capsule wardrobe you intend to build, you only need one or two dresses for the season. Because dresses don’t require too many other clothing items to look stylish, you can pick out a statement dress that isn’t a perfect complement to the rest of the wardrobe. However, in the true spirit of a spring capsule wardrobe, you can totally transform your outfit by how you style it.

For example, you can wear a sweater over your midi dress as if it’s a skirt for a brand-new spring outfit. You can also style your dress with or without a fashionable jacket and play around with your accessories to make it more casual or formal.

Your Favorites For Less

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